Our Story

Cream and Sugar Ice Cream Company is a collaboration with Michigan Sugar Company and Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) to create the finest locally-sourced ice cream and bring families and farms together. Cream and Sugar Ice Cream Company is located at 160 Uptown Drive in Bay City, Michigan.

The Cream

Every gallon of ice cream is crafted starting with three gallons of fresh milk. At Cream & Sugar, our ice cream is made creamy and decadent with milk from the dairy farmer owners of the Michigan Milk Producers Association. From family-owned farms in the Great Lakes region, each cow produces almost 3,000 gallon of some of the highest quality milk in the U.S. per year. MMPA farmers are passionate about caring for their cows and leaving the land better than they inherited it, which means a fresher, better product for you.

The Sugar

All-natural Pioneer Sugar goes into all of our delicious ice cream here at Cream & Sugar. It’s made by Michigan Sugar Company, a grower-owned cooperative that’s been making Michigan life sweeter since 1906. Throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and part of Ontario, 160,000 acres of sugarbeets are grown each year – which Michigan Sugar Company processes into more than 1.3 billion pounds of sugar. Many of Michigan Sugar Company’s farm families are fourth and fifth generation sugarbeet farmers, and are true stewards of their land. They are committed to growing the highest quality, most sustainable crops possible, and keeping sweet Pioneer Sugar the way it’s been for more than 100 years. Locally Grown, Locally Owned.